The Rest Fully Present mindfulness-based approach to alleviating chronic insomnia is designed, using Dr. Weaver's "art of mindful imaging" and "art of restful presence" strategies, to help you, while in bed, to:

  • become fully present (fully aware of your present moment experience);

  • detach from your past memories and future fantasies of poor sleep and other stressors;

  • accept (notice without judgment) being awake in the present moment; and thereby

  • rest more fully while awake and increase the likelihood of your falling asleep and staying asleep restoratively.

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Learn about Dr. Weaver's 12 Strategies for Calming Your Body and Mind (1.5mb PDF)

Learn about good sleep habits

Download Dr. Weaver's updated (8-10-11) handout for continuing education programs - "Rest Fully Present: How to Respond Mindfully to the Wake-Up Call of Insomnia". (980kb download)

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